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John and Annie Link

John and Annie Link

An interview with Art & Industry Festival Open Day Hosts John and Annie Link

John Link has had a love affair with pumps for as long as he can remember and feels very fortunate to have spent a lifetime working in an industry he loves. “What you see out here in the yard is really just a hobby that got out of control,” he said.

John and his wife Annie started their business, Link Pumps, in 1959 and have been operating in Williamstown North for over 40 years.

“The first pump we were asked to design was a breast pump and the next job was to repair an embalming pump,” John said. “We’ve been providing a womb to tomb service since ever since. We’ve buried pipelines in swamps in Indonesia, we’ve put out fires on ships in Papua New Guinea. We’ve pumped liquorice, honey and even spaghetti.”

At their peak, Link Pumps employed 35 people but their current staffing profile is about 14, most of whom have been there 10 years or more. “One of our employees is a bit of a disappointment,” John quips.  “He retired after 40 years at the age of 75, but we’ve got him back now doing part time work.”

John and Annie are hosted an Open Day at Link Pumps on Sat 17 November as part of the Art & Industry Festival, running three tours through the centre. John had a few party tricks in mind, including demonstrating how you can boil water at room temperature.

“We’re part of this community and participating in this way is very important to us,” Annie said. “I think lot of people will be amazed at some of the things pumps can do.”

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