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Western Melbourne Visitor Profile – Year end 2022 

Here is an update on the latest available Tourism Research Australia (TRA) data (year end 2022) providing insights on how region’s visitor economy is tracking.  

Western Melbourne Indian Population and Visitor Profile – Year end 2021

Approximately 1 in 10 of all visitors from India to Australia are visiting or staying in the Melbourne’s western suburbs at growth rates of 23-28% per annum.  This market profile shows how significant the India market is to our region. 

Impacts of COVID19 on Visitation and Visitor Nights in Western Melbourne

The Covid pandemic had a very high impact on the visitor economy of our region.   This data shows the cumulative impact when compared with levels of visitation in 2019 (pre Covid). 

The RESET Research project

The COVID-19 pandemic had a harsh impact on the Melbourne’s west visitor economy. Through 2021- 22, in a collaborative partnership between and a project team from the School of the Visitor Economy (SVE) at Victoria University, Western Melbourne Tourism (WMT) and Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) a comprehensive research project was completed to better understand the impacts of the pandemic, the opportunities for recovery and to recommend strategies and frameworks to improve the resilience of the region’s visitor economy for the future.  

The project is entitled ‘RESET’ (Resilient Enterprises and Sustainable Employment in Tourism).  The study includes the analysis of secondary data, a regional survey of 275 business, and in-depth interviews with 33 key stakeholders from government, industry and community (undertaken in the last quarter of 2021).  

Western Melbourne Visitor Data Report – 2019

This research was commissioned in 2019 and provides a summary of the visitor economy pre Covid.  This report is sourced from Tourism Research Australia (TRA). 

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