Brimbank Park

Aussie bush and wide open spaces

Brimbank Park

Immerse yourself in nature, just 15km from Melbourne CBD.

Set aside an afternoon (or entire day!) to uncover the wonders of this historic parkland. With the picturesque Maribyrnong River at its core, Brimbank Park is situated on the “brim of the bank” of the river.

From the keenest outdoor enthusiasts to families looking for a quiet spot to relax; there’s something for everyone at Brimbank Park.

Picture a 10km network of walking trails venturing through hearty aussie bush. Trails winding along the river, and onto grassy stretches of wide open space. Kids (and pups) can get out for a run and play.

Geological history is visible all along the river banks with layers of basalt and sandstone over 400 million years old. Admire many native birds foraging throughout the parkland among stunning River Red Gums. Wallabies and possums are also regular visitors.

There’s plenty on offer for casual strollers, picnic goers, cyclists, serious hikers, dog walkers, fishermen, bird spotters and many more. Picnic tables and gas BBQs are spotted along the park trails. As are various kids play areas, all with plenty of shade.


Archaeological surveys suggest that Aboriginal people lived here over 40,000 years ago.

The Wurundjeri-willam and Marin-balluk people have made use of the lush landscape throughout that time. Parks Victoria works closely with the Aboriginal elders of the land to ensure the best practises for preserving and caring for the park.

All around the park various artefacts from the Wurundjeri people can be found. These include stone quarries and scar trees. The word “Maribyrnong” is an anglicised name coming from the term “Mirring-gnay-bir-nong” which means “I can hear the ring-tail possum”.

It was in the 1830s that European settlers found this gem and the great water source for agriculture.

Today, a well-kept park for public recreation. In peak times it sees up to 1,000 visitors per day.

Orienteering Course 

Want a unique way to explore the Australian bush?

Brimbank Park has a permanent on and off track orienteering course. This makes for a great activity for families and friends visiting Melbourne.

Orienteering is a popular sport which combines outdoor adventure with map reading and navigational skills. Take on this stimulating mental challenge and enjoy the physical activity exploring the great outdoors.

Pick up a map from Orienteering Victoria before you visit, and make your way through the park using the map to find predetermined control points. Each site has a wooden post with a code number and an orienteering punch.

Urban Hiking

Take the Brimbank Loop Walk, approximately 3.5 km (1.5 hours). Or the serene Horseshoe Bend Loop Walk, approximately 2 km (45 minutes). Shared pathways follow the river as it winds around the natural basin within the park.

If you’re really into hiking and hate to leave the city, why not tackle the 25 km Main Regional Trail. 5.5 km of the trail runs through Brimbank Park. The remainder takes hikers along the Maribyrnong River all the way into Melbourne city. With several great eating and drinking spots along the way, it’s great for cyclists too!

These wonderful walks provide a window into life in Melbourne’s west whilst walking through a variety of landscapes.

Brimbank Park Playscape

This is a play space like no other!

It’s been widely noted as a haven for creative play.

A maze of colourful paths leads to different play equipment. Some stand outs include the animal and vegetable sculptures, a “build your own” cubby house area and the giant “Bunjil the Creator” tree and nest. All for the kids to wander, play and climb on.

Many interactive artworks and sculptures feature stories centred on the indigenous and European history of the land.

At Brimbank Park kids and adults alike are encouraged to develop a sense of adventure, embrace their curiosity and learn to respect and look after nature.

Brimbank Park

article by: amy crook

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