FRINGE Festival in Melbourne’s west

Melbourne Fringe 13 – 30 September

Throughout September, Melbourne Fringe transforms our city into a platform for every kind of artform imaginable, supporting over 3,000 artists to present 450+ works in 170+ venues to more than 360,000 people.


This year, Melbourne’s west has an abundance of events to suit every creative mind.

Fringe Westside is all about playing a game of chance – and it’s the time to try something new, to get involved and to raise your eyebrows.


Changing Mediums – jeremy kruckel

When: 7 Sept – 17 Oct, 7-10 pm
Where: Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery, Sunshine
Tickets: Free

The exhibition of Changing Mediums reflects Jeremy’s practice shift over the past year from a concentration of stills to video media. This highlights how he has had to adjust to suit the changing mediums of landscape prints to square images on social media, to time lapse photography projected on buildings.

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Colliding Border: Multiple senses of belonging

When: Exhibition 13 – 27 Sept
Where: All three Moonee Valley libraries – Sam Merrifield Library, Moonee Ponds, Niddrie Library and Flemington Library
Tickets: Free

As individuals grow and develop a sense of belonging to multiple cultures and communities, identities form beyond traditional definitions assigned at birth. In this multimedia exhibition artists explore the sociocultural diversity in identities on their journey to find a true sense of self as a 21st century global citizen.

Read more information here.


The lurid language of the undergrowth – ash coates

When: 13 – 30 Sept
Where: Bowery @ STACC, St Albans
Tickets: Free

Undergrowth represents symbiotic relationships of plants, fungi and bacteria cultures, giving rise to transformations of microorganisms, transmigration of cells and the distribution of nutrients within the environment and our bodies.

Read more information here.


The cot story – chelle destefano

When: 13 – 30th Sept
Where: Avondale Heights Library, Avondale Heights
Tickets: Free

View artist Chelle Destafano’s deeply compelling painting and sculpture works on her story of how she survived an attack, loss and coping. Her artworks explore her transformations and how she got through it all.

More information here.


Ingoma z’iburundi (burundian drums)

When: 14-15th Sept and 21-23rd Sept
Where: Avondale Heights Community Precinct Stadium
Tickets: Free

The Reciteme Karyenda Association of Buyenzi are bringing Burundian culture to Moonee Valley for Fringe! A tremendous form of communication and a sign of national unity, these drums produce amazing sounds without any enhancement.

More information here.



When: Sunday 16th Sept, all day
Where: Between Moonee Ponds Creek and the Strathmore Pop-Up Park
Tickets: Free

Part theatre, part art installation, ‘Lake’ begins with a morning workshop, facilitated by artist Nick Barlow, in which participants make their own costumes from reclaimed recycled plastics. In the afternoon, water is carried from Moonee Ponds Creek in a procession which ends in the creation of a large piece of temporary public art in the Strathmore Pop-Up Park. An ever-changing sculpture and performance.

More information here.


this is grayson

When: 18 – 30th Sept
Where: The Substation, Newport
Tickets: Book here

Grayson has been in this carpark for ten thousand and two hundred and sixty-nine years. She’s been waiting for you. So she can show you the gaps. Between her world and yours. You will meet a woman at The Substation. She will take you to a bus and you will go on an intimate, surreal and immersive journey through Newport’s forgotten lands.

More information here.


The show must (not) go on

When: Wednesday 19th Sept
Where: VU at MetroWest
Tickets: Free

Delve into the #MeToo and #NotSoFast movements thrgouh performances by local artists, including Jennifer Piper from wit incorporated, and conversations with Van Badham in this free event.

Read more information here.


Colour in our city

When: 20 – 30th Sept
Where: Incinerator Gallery, Aberfeldie

‘Colour in our City’ presents a series of hand drawn images created with a thick black marker. Each artwork depicts a different scene from around Moonee Valley, showing the people of the area, shops, businesses, animals, nature and environment as viewed by the artist.

More information here.


anya anastasia: rogue romantic

When: 21 – 22nd Sept
Where: Kelly Park Centre, Werribee

Feisty, feminist, fierce. Multi award-winning, internationally acclaimed cabaret femme fatale Anya Anastasia has gone rogue! Armed with a biting wit, a lust for revenge and her kick-ass all female band.

World-Class all original cabaret with thrilling audience interaction – a night of hysterical fun!

Read more information here.


children are stinky

When: Wednesday 26th Sept
Where: Kelly Park Centre, Werribee

Against a backdrop of high calibre circus, a rocking ’90s soundtrack and genuine belly laughs this acrobatic duo’s attempts to prove kids STINK are met with messy, ridiculous and hysterical twists.

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Playing up

When: 26 – 28th Sept
Where: The SUBSTATION, Newport
Tickets: Free event

Make clothes out of food, remote control your parents, invent your own form of sports, search for miracles, deconstruct electrical devices, build what-happens-next-machines!

PLAYING UP is an artwork by Sibylle Peters of Theatre of Research, exploring the potential of Live Art to bridge generations and suggest different ways of looking at the world. Drawing on key Live Art themes and seminal works, PLAYING UP takes the form of a game played by adults and kids together.

Children, grown-ups, families and friends are all welcome.

Pick a card, follow the instructions, create your own piece of Live Art, and perform it.

Read more information here


Fringe Westival – DANCE HALL

When: Thursday 27th September, 8.00 pm
Where: Wyndham Cultural Centre

“Unmissable…” The Age, MELBOURNE

A whole of community knees up, where local stars and world famous legends burn the floor!

Dance Hall is a supper dance, a bring-a-plate celebration, a storytelling and dance teaching extravaganza, a transcendent night of song & dance showing the bounty of your community in a brand new light.

If you love dance, cabaret, music or just want to spend a brilliant night out with your community group or friends – Dance Hall is the show for you!

More information here.


wild child

When: Sunday 30th Sept
Where: Woods Street Arts Space, Laverton

The great storyteller Dortchen Wild knew a lot about children in the woods, fantastical beasts, magic and mischief. She was also a neighbour of the Grim Brothers who took credit for her wondrous stories. We want to find Dortchen’s real fairytales and we need some wild children to help us!

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Fringy Families – Sticks Stones Broken Bones

When: Mon-Tues 1-2nd October
Where: Wyndham Cultural Centre

“A must! Our minds were boggled!” ★★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter

Flying chickens, brain transplants and sneaky ninjas! Watch as household junk is transformed into surreal shadow puppets. You and your family will love being drawn into a playful world of strange silhouette characters and cartoon-like comedy. Some loud noises and big action.

Read more information here.

For more great events as part of Melbourne Fringe head here.

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