Queer PHOTO: ground-breaking LGBTQIA+ showcase taking over Melbourne’s West 

27 January 2024 – 24 March 2024 


Image: Leilani Fuimaono, Tyson

Melbourne’s west, one of the most diverse, multicultural and intersectional regions of Victoria,  is about to host Queer PHOTO, presented by much loved Midsumma Festival and PHOTO 2024, in partnership with Creative Victoria’s Go West program.  

PHOTO 2024 Curator Brendan McCleary said:  

“Taking place across galleries, parks, and an historic mansion in Melbourne’s west, Queer PHOTO celebrates 17 LGBTQIA+ artists. There is a beautiful community found within these works, highlighting the incredible ways in which queer voices are shaping a better tomorrow.” 

Featuring 17 artists, 14 exhibitions, 30 interactive events and 7 locations, Queer PHOTO is a program transforming iconic venues and the streets of the West into a gallery of accessible and highly visible visual artworks from LGBTQIA+ artists from all over Australia and the world.  

Lilah Benetti an international award winning and critically acclaimed Artist and Filmmaker, who was invited to display her work as part of Queer PHOTO 2024, says: 

I’m thankful to curator Brendan McCleary for inviting me to be part of this meaningful visual conversation—a rich dialogue that encompasses diverse voices and global perspectives to embody a truly holistic approach to collective agency. Being part of Queer Photo alongside incredible artists like Clifford Prince King, Matthew Thorne, Derik Lynch, and Peter Waples-Crowe is a deep honour.  

The series boldly affirms our presence, while recognising that our identities are far from monolithic; rather, a mosaic of cultural, ethnic, and global Indigenous backgrounds, shaped and coloured by the unique contexts from which we emerge. It’s a story about how our individual presence can serve as a gateway to safer futures—one that reflects the potential of our collective futures, futures that are more tangible than we think.” 

This free multi-venue exhibition is spread across galleries, parks, and a historic mansion in Melbourne’s west, Queer PHOTO invites visitors to immerse themselves in the unique narratives presented by the artists. Pace is encouraged, allowing ample time for absorption and reflection. Curated conversations and communal spaces offer opportunities to share experiences with like-minded individuals. 

Queer PHOTO stands as a vibrant testament to the power of art in creating inclusive narratives and envisioning a future where diverse voices shape a more accepting world.  

Artists featured: Asafe Ghalib (Brazil); Clifford Prince King (US); Daniel Jack Lyons (US); Matthew Thorne (Adelaide); Derik Lynch (Yankunytjatjara, Alice Springs); Dorcas Tang 邓佳颖 (Malaysia/Sydney) Estelle Yoon (South Korea/Sydney); FAFSWAG (NZ) Jake Elwe (UK) Karla Dickens (Wiradjuri/NSW) Leilani Fuimaono (Sāmoa/Naarm) Lilah Benetti (Melbourne)  Luce Nguyễn Hunt (Vietnamese, Sāmoan and Rarotongan) Peter Waples Crowe (Ngarigo) Rômy Pacquing McCoy (Fiji/Sydney) Sunil Gupta (CA/UK)born India Vic Bakin (Ukrainian) 

Footscray Community Arts 

● Black & Blur by Lilah Benetti 

● The Zizi Show by Jake Elwes 

● Like A River by Daniel Jack Lyons 

● Orange Grove by Clifford Prince King 

● Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black) by Matthew Thorne and Derik Lynch 

● Exquisite Corpse by Salote Tawale

The Outside Gallery, Footscray 

● So’otaga (Connection) by Leilani Fuimaono 

Trocadero Art Space, Footscray 


Substation, Newport 

● TBWWWTB (To Be What We Want To Be) by Vic Bakin 

● Alteration by FAFSWAG 

Wyndham Art Gallery, Werribee 

● The New Pre-Raphaelites by Sunil Gupta 

Werribee Train Station 

● Affirm by Peter Waples-Crowe 

Werribee Park Mansion 

● To See or Not to See by Karla Dickens 

● Queer Immigrants by Asafe Ghalib 

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